Friday, May 9, 2014


The Gent's parents recently relocated to Griffith. It was one of those unwanted decisions, taken late in life and in the face of depressing alternatives.

They bought a huge house with a small garden, and seem to have surprised themselves, so taken are they with their new home. It's a big relief.

They have no time for history or architecture, or anything old, really. But I loved some of the buildings in Banna Avenue, Griffith's main street.

Griffith is a vibrant, affluent town, lifted from the risk of being dull by the rich Italian community and the more recent Indian migrants.

At its heart, though, it's still a country town.

And it has some great coffee shops.

This one's called The Roastery. It's chic surpassed its coffee, but it was lots of fun.

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