Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter is over

If I was aspiring to be a super blogger (which obviously I'm not, not least because my posts are too infrequent) I would have prepared and published my Easter photos long before the actual event.

As it is, I'm revealing all today. I'm ashamed to say that the decorations are still in situ...they look so pretty and whimsical, I'm loathe to take them down. The glorious dahlias (bought from a roadside stall near the children's school) have, sadly, faded and collapsed. Such is the beauty of cut flowers. Exquisite but ephemeral. 

The feature decorations are dropped branches from the garden, decorated in bunting, gilded egg shells, book-leaf leaves and pink eggs.

I love the curliness of the branches and the whimsy of the eggs.

The house comes with its own 'tart's boudoir' pink velvet curtains, so I've tried to embrace them in the decoration of the sitting room.

Next up: winter solstice decorations.

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