Thursday, May 8, 2014

Easter not quite over

I'm taking the decorations down today...honestly. The wreath has already come inside. It's ambling it's way into the leather suitcase (my great grandmother's, Della Milne) where I keep the Easter tit bits.

[BLUE PETER ALERT] I made the wreath from a coat hanger, covered in some duck cotton and printed linen, book leaf leaves and hung with more gilded eggs. It was super fast and easy to make, what with the help of a hot glue gun.

I had an Easter morning tea before the end of term. Unfortunately, I took the photos just before everyone arrived, and I had the lights on, which created yellow overtones.

Those incredible dahlias take centre stage.

The little cakes were a last minute reprise from near disaster inside the indomitable Mrs Patmore. I was so anxious not to burn them I under-cooked the original batch. The second lot were a success. I am having a bit of a raspberry obsession, and so the cakes are stuffed with raspberries and white chocolate.

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