Monday, March 3, 2014


Cedar Lake, Minneapolis
Almost ten years ago, we bought a tiny little house in a charming suburb in Canberra. We expected to live there for a long time, but we ended up hardly living in Canberra at all. Instead, we lived in Adelaide for quite a while. And now we're near Sydney.

Cedar Lake, Minneapolis

We bought the tiny house expecting to knock it down and build a new one, but the vagaries of the Gent's postings meant there never seemed to be a good time to start such an expensive project.

Also, it means I have to decide on a style. I have to make definitive choices about what I want a home to look like. Another factor is that the Gent and I have rather different ideas about house styles.

Genesta Cres, Dalkeith

I've been compiling some photos of houses that I love. I think they're all from the Streamline Moderne movement of the 1930's. I love the curves against the horizontal window lines.

Searoads, Penarth

Trouble is, this style doesn't translate so well to the single storey, which is where our budget lies. And the Gent is not a fan of flat roofs.

Nob Hill

I think I'm partly to blame for the delay. I keep putting it off. Torn between a reluctance to dispense with a peripatetic lifestyle, as well as too much affection for our original 1950's cottage.

1950's Canberra 'govie'

The Infamous Deck

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