Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sewing up the pirates

One of my little pleasures is sewing. At this point you might have visions of me whizzing up cocktail dresses and creating italian strung curtains.
Think again.
There are chaps who can't change car tyres or mow a lawn, and there are women who can't sew. I'm one of them.
I love to sew, and I love my 1930's Singer sewing machine (treddle). It lives at the shack, a place of calm and quiet. Despite hours of practice, however, I still sew wonky seams and struggle to create a perfect end product.
Last weekend, after purchasing some lovely (read SLIPPERY) red lining fabric and gold cord, I put together the treasure bags for Imogen's pirate party.
That sounds easy, doesn't it?
It took me two hours and I paid some fines to the Rude Words Jar.
Imogen and Hal are happy, however, and have filled them with the treasures for the Treasure Hunt next weekend.
Next task: designing the treasure hunt...

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