Saturday, March 29, 2008

Soane is a rather delicious design and furniture company. The Casino chair, above, is one of their pieces, available to order. This gem is made from oak and brass; the leather evokes sunlit seawater refracting off mermaid tails. They sell the most incredible antiques and art, too. Gigantic oils of tigers and eighteenth century sofas, damask splitting and spilling out their secrets.

Soanes is comprised of Lulu Lytle and Christopher Hodsoll. Based in London, they design and make architecturally inspired bespoke furniture and lighting. They have over 250 items on their inventory and they are all as divine as this Cushion Sofa (walnut with brass casters).

I believe that this sitting room belongs to Lulu herself. It is decadent but cosy; the fire that miraculously fails to spill on to the hardwood floor, the glamorous mirror warmed by the lighting, the chairs luxuriously close to the heat and within reach of all those books.

This Tiger Table (nutty oak with ebony feet) reminds me of politically incorrect childhood fairy tales from India or Africa.

These bedrooms are adorable; eccentric yet comfortable, chic yet personal. The yellowy/green of the bedroom above is complimented by the sharp white wood work and the bed hanging, whilst being anchored by the warm comfort of the red and cream rug. Note the variation on the Casino chair, here with a different brass stud pattern.

Any nursery with a moose head, a penguin, and a pink fluffy hand bag in it has a lot to say. Curtsies, please. The world needs more beauty and comfort like that to be found in the hands of Soane.
I presume the company is named after Sir John himself. He is a fascinating man, and the museum is a good place to start on this rich but vast subject.

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